We Remove The Fear Of Litigation

Few areas are as disconcerting to most individuals and businesses as the prospect of being sued or needing to bring a lawsuit. There are good reasons for this. Litigation is expensive. It is a time-consuming and stressful distraction from your business productivity. Litigation can result in real damage to your finances and business.

Bringing Confidence To The Negotiations

Litigation matters are best handled promptly. Delay often only adds to the cost and disruption. At Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, our trial lawyers provide experienced and cost-effective guidance for litigation matters and prepare cases for presentation to the court.

When Litigation Is Necessary

There are times when litigation is unavoidable. Events occur that are sometimes unpredictable and unfortunate or inexplicable and unforeseen. Negotiations may follow to resolve the disputes, but if the outcome remains unsatisfactory, litigation might be necessary.

On many shareholder or corporate law issues, clients work closely with Don Spagnolo. While all of our attorneys are highly skilled, they all work together, because each practice experience compliments the others. We ensure our clients’ matters obtain the comprehensive legal analysis they demand.

Our Planning Makes The Difference

While litigation can be difficult, it is the meticulous preparation during the prelitigation and discovery stages that often allows contentious matters to settle after extensive negotiations. For those issues that do not settle, our firm develops litigation strategies designed to bring about a successful conclusion to the matter.

Courtroom Experience For Your Litigation Needs

Our firm has litigated a wide variety of matters for clients, including:

  • Civil litigation
  • Federal and state court trials and appeals
  • Commercial litigation, business disputes and contract cases
  • Construction litigation and mechanic’s liens
  • Loan and contract disputes
  • Will and trust disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Collections

Contact Our Firm For Litigation Counsel

Contact us today and make an appointment to discuss your litigation matter with our experienced lawyers at 847-584-3988​ or use our online form. We serve businesses throughout the Chicagoland region, including Illinois and Indiana.