Why You Want A Long-Term Relationship With Your Attorney

For many businesses, the phone call to an attorney is problematic. Legal advice or the need to begin litigation is seen as something to be avoided. The problem is that failing to obtain effective legal counsel is often the first step in an expensive slide into litigation. While legal planning and advice may not be able to head off all trouble for a business, the lack of proper planning can almost ensure trouble.

The lawyers at Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, have more than eight decades of experience with Illinois business and commercial law, estate planning and administration, and tax and litigation matters. They have worked with thousands of clients during the last three decades and provide their clients with skills that can only be developed and honed during decades of practice.

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Decades Of Experience With Legal Matters Just Like Yours

Our firm was established in 2002, but that date understates the true level of experience we provide our clients. Don Spagnolo and John Janiga have nearly 30 years each of practice experience with business, estate planning and tax law. Kristin Hoeksema has 25 years of experience litigating in state and federal courtrooms throughout the Schaumburg area and Northern Illinois.

This focus has allowed each attorney to develop a high degree of skills and expertise. Because they work closely on all client matters, a client of Don’s with a commercial real estate development issue receives the benefit of John’s tax insights and Kristin’s litigation experience, meaning you truly obtain the benefit of more than 80 years of practical legal and business experience, no matter the type of issue you bring to the firm.

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We build relationships with our clients that last. In addition to our experience, developing a long-term relationship with our firm allows us to better serve your needs as we learn the operational details of your business. Contact our firm in Hoffman Estates today and make an appointment to discuss your legal matter with one of our experienced attorneys at 847-584-3988 or use our online form.

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