Real Estate Touches All Businesses

Real estate is an integral part of most businesses. From large corporations that have plants in multiple states acquiring additional land for expansion, to a home-based business that is looking to lease part of a commercial building store front, commercial real estate transactions require the skills of an attorney experienced in the varying levels of its complexity.

Many issues are at play in the purchase or sale of real estate for your business. Depending on the land being transacted, the financing involved, the type of business, and the tax implications of the transaction, the transaction may be straightforward or intimidatingly complex.

For businesses that do not own the land their business occupies, matters surrounding their lease are significant and in many circumstances, can be quite complex. Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, is uniquely well-positioned to advise businesses with all of their commercial real estate transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Is Integrated Into All Of Our Practice Areas

Our firm provides experienced and cost-efficient legal counsel for any issues related to commercial real estate, including:

  • Construction litigation
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Development projects
  • Loan and contract disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Leasing matters
  • Financing issues

Our attorneys have great depth of experience with a wide range of commercial law matters, ensuring that our clients’ transactions are well-vetted for an equally wide range of potential outcomes.

Contact Our Experienced Firm

Every business needs a place to call home, and that means they face potentially challenging commercial real estate issues. Our lawyers can assist with all real estate matters, large or small, including complex litigation.

Discuss your commercial real estate matter with our experienced attorneys by calling our office at 847-584-3988​ or use our online form.